Jay Schmidt & Crew - April 26, 2003
The crew consisted of Jay Schmidt of Ocean Springs, Mississippi; Allen Peregoy of Biloxi, Mississippi; Jay Roberts of Jacksonville, Florida; and Raymond "Rambo" Blanco of Houston, Texas. Conditions were not looking good early as the buoy data reported seas 4 to 7 feet and winds at 14 knots down from 22 knots, but forecasts were for conditions to quiet down. We were surprised by only a moderate ride out and it allowed us to get out to deeper water and nail some nice fish. A moderately strong northwestern gave us a bumpy ride back, but we didn't care because we had already done our damage. Jay Schmidt was crowned "Snapper Master" and Allen the "Grouper Man". The whole crew got plenty of tugs on their lines and some quality fish. Total trip encompassed 139 miles and 13.5 hours. Below are the pictures.
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