John Maddux & Crew - July 26, 2003
The crew consisted of John Maddux of Gautier, Mississippi, Roy Faucette of Porter, Texas, Adam Bostick of Cleveland, Texas, and Jeremy Franklin of Conroe, Texas. Weather conditions were great as seas were less than a foot and there were only a couple scattered rain showers, just enough to cool things down some. We easily limited on AJs early as has been usual this year. We then went deep to try for big snapper and grouper, but were met with poor water conditions, little bait activity and lock jaw fish. We caught only a few snapper and no grouper big enough to keep. We eventually headed back to shallower water and actually found as good or better fish in close for a change. Everyone seemed to have a good time despite the lack of Sows and big grouper. We did manage to limit out on snapper which has been more difficult to do this year. Total trip encompassed 161 miles and 15 hours. Below are the pictures.
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