Steve Kirkpatrick - May 17, 2003
Steve Kirkpatrick, of Kirkpatrick Wildlife Photography, made this trip to get some underwater footage. Steve is a pioneer in the wildlife photography business and has become perhaps the best in the world over the past 22 years. Check his website out, he has captured some awesome shots from all over the world.

Conditions today were far from ideal with winds howling some 18-20 knots, seas running a steep and choppy 5-7 feet. But Steve was on a mission and had come down from his home in Madison Mississippi to get some work done. We took our time and battled out to Rig MOB952A. He was able to shoot off a roll of wide angle stuff, but the current and wave surge was too much for the planned Macro shoot. I went along with Steve to get a little video of him working. I captured some frames for your enjoyment, but check back later as Steve plans to send some scanned images of this shoot later. Steve was also gracious enough to donate some prints for the Mississippi Gulf Fishing Banks Drawdown on June 14. Perhaps next trip will see better weather and we can get out deeper to better waters. Total trip encompassed 68 miles and 7 hours.

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One of Steve's Pics


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