2023Oct6 Quick Afternoon Triple Rig Trip

© Photos Posted by Mark Primo Miller ©    Hi-Res Source

There was a small window of nice weather late on October 6 and I was anxious to test my recently repaired Yamaha 300 on a close in trip. I put out a message on our Deepwater Mafia Dive Channel for anyone interested and was able to get 2 responses. One from Seth Camplejohn and one from Devin Mason who was Freediving. The water visibility was not ideal, but it was diveable. My bigger interest was to collect some aquarium fish, however I was not very prepared. I didn't hunt up my old nets and slurp guns but rather was going to rely on a single large clear trash bag. I also had a gallon ziplock and when I first got to the bottom, there was a perfect lionfish waiting from me. I thought I would make it a challenge and I tried to use the gallon ziplock first. There was not much current so I set the large bag down and after failing to get the little guy in the ziplock, I went to get the larger bag and discovered it was missing. I also brought some chum down to feed the red snapper and was able to locate that. I also went looking for some Flounder and bayonetted one with the speargun. I left him on the shaft and tried to get 2 more that I saw but failed. Then I set the gun down while feeding red snapper and the flounder found his way off the flopper. I did not get any video of the Flounder as the camera was pointed the wrong direction. I then resorted to catching Blennies and I was successful at that getting around 2 dozen or more. After that, we stopped on the Tortugas wreck and Devin made some unsuccessful drops on it. Devin and Seth did get some Mangrove Snapper and Sheepshead. Anyway, it was a fun quick afternoon trip. Youtube initially blocked this video due to using "Ain't no Sunshine" as my music choice so I had to replace it with some of their lame music. I somehow failed to take photos on this quick run.